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My interest The Red Arrows and Military Aviation

I have been a Military aircraft fan for many years, going back to when I was a child when I saw my first Vulcan Bomber flying over my mum and dads house. I remember it well, I was stood in the back garden with a look of fear at this big black thing coming straight at me in the sky. My mother could see I was frightened, however she comforted me and told me there was a man in the cockpit waving, and he meant no harm whatsoever. Since that day, I was addicted to military aircraft, and I have never looked back.

I grew up in Nettleton, a small village that sat directly under the military flight path to RAF Binbrook and RAF North Coates. So I often had Lightnings, Phantoms, Tornado's, F111's, A10's, F15's, Hercules and of course The Red Arrows buzzing over at high speed. And very often rediculously low, back in a time when the RAF and USAF were able to get away with very low flying.

As my interest grew, I started researching aircraft names and types, and understanding what they did in the various air arms around the world. This obviously led me to The Red Arrows, how could I not leave them out?

As a child I didn't make it to many airshows, and quite often it was unaffordable for my mum and dad to go in events, so if I did go to any, we watched from outside the airfield. However, it gave me the bug and hunger to go to as many airshows as possible in my life.

The Red Arrows are always a show stopper at any event, and I have seen them so many times. They still look fantastic in their Hawk T1's, with their stunning Red and White paintwork.

I've spent many mornings in the past, looking at them on my way into Lincoln to work as they practiced over RAF Scampton.

Over the years, I have taken many military aircraft photo's, however The Red Arrows are always a favourite and make a fantastic photo. Any aviation photographer will tell you that it takes skill, a steady hand, patience, a good eye for detail and a very good camera to get good quality photos of The Red Arrows, and luckily, I am fortunate to have all of those.

Photography was something I learned while I was at Art College in Lincoln, when Lincoln College of Art was based on Lindum Hill back in the 1990's. It was a part of my Graphic Design course while I was studying there.

Graphic Design is my profession and I also practice artistically. So I have recently decided to combine my skills with my interest in military aviation, to produce photographs and artwork on prints, canvasses and other products. So I hope you will enjoy them.

I have created this website specifically as a tribute to show admiration for the RAF Red Arrows. I am a fan of The Red Arrows, and always will be, whatever they do. They put on a fantastic show every time, and even if the manoeuvre's are relatively the same each year, they never seem to bore me. So if you are looking at this website as a fan, I hope you think the same.

I hope you enjoy the prints and products I have produced for you to buy through my website, and if you need to ask anything regarding my products or work, please contact me on 01472 350565 or email nick@theredarrows.co.uk

Nick Smith

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