Shipping & Returns

When will it be delivered?

Information on when you can expect your print delivery from the print section of our website.

At The Red Arrows - Prints we recognise the time value of print, the need to despatch on time and the responsibility we have to ensure that we achieve delivery deadlines.

Express Speed

All our work is handled at express speed. We will quote the turnaround for each product throughout this catalogue upon ordering.

Terms of Despatch and Payment

1. Our terms are payment with order.
2. Turnaround times quoted include the day that we receive your order provided:
    2.1. Your order is placed online and payment received by 10.00 am.
    2.2. Your order is received and payment by courier or by hand by 10.00 am.
3.  The Red Arrows - Prints working days are Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays.
4.  The Red Arrows - Prints work hard to ensure the printing we supply is perfect. In the unlikely event of work being unacceptable due to a shortcoming at The Red Arrows - Prints then we will urgently reprint or otherwise make the job good. The Red Arrows - Prints are unable to both reprint & credit the same job.
5. The Red Arrows - Prints cannot take responsibility for damaged goods which have been accepted and signed for as being in good condition on delivery.
6 The Red Arrows - Prints cannot accept responsibility for short deliveries on consignments (missing boxes) unless this is recorded on the courier's delivery note.
7. Some types of paper and card need to be run at slower printing speeds and require extra drying time, which can have implications on the turnaround time as indicated. We reserve the right to extend turnaround where heavy solid prints require extra time to dry.
8. See also our General Terms and Conditions at General Terms and Conditions. A hard copy is available on request.

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