My Red Arrows Photos

My Red Arrows Photos and how I take them

I have been a keen photographer ever since leaving Lincoln College of Art in 1994, and qualifying as a Graphic Designer in 1996 from Dewsbury College of Art and Design.

I use a Canon EOS 1300D equipped with a Canon Ultrasonic 75-300mm Lens for most of my aviation photography. Normally set to 1/1000 shutter speed for jets or 1/150 for Propellor aircraft. Depending on how slow or fast they are moving.

I find photography a great hobby and it compliments my artistic skills, enabling me capture photographs as part of my research into producing further artwork.

And with my interest in Military Aviation, it makes sense for me to mix it all in together.

You will find a selection of Red Arrows Photographs I have taken below.

Please note: All of these photographs and the content and photos on this website belong to me and are copyrighted to myself ©Copyright Nick Smith. So I am asking everybody viewing these photographs to respect my copyright and not to use these photographs without my permission.

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